E-Bike Rentals

Discover the joy of effortless exploration with our premium e-bike rentals. Choose from a diverse range, including mountain e-bikes for rugged terrains, trekking e-bikes for versatile adventures, trekking-cross e-bikes for a blend of road and trail exploration, and leisure e-bikes for a relaxed ride through picturesque landscapes. Our fleet of e-bikes boasts an impressive autonomy of over 100+ km, ensuring you can cover ample ground on your journey. Experience the latest in technology and comfort as our e-bikes are regularly updated, with replacements every two years or 1000 kilometers, featuring top-notch components from renowned brands like SHIMANO and SRAM. Each rental comes complete with essential accessories such as a helmet, bell, padlock, phone holder, charger, and mini pump. For extended journeys, we provide additional conveniences, including panniers/saddlebags, a spare inner tube, and a multitool kit. Your safety is our priority, and all rentals include civil responsibility insurance and accident insurance, offering you peace of mind as you embark on your cycling adventure.